Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spicing Up a Cheapo Frame

Ulta was having an amazing sale on their name brand eye shadow, blush and more, so I partook.  Since we moved to a smaller house, I lost a ton of bathroom space.  What to do?  Find a cheap frame at Goodwill on their half off day, and go to work.!

What you'll need:
Frame - any size (mine was 10 x 13)
Galvanized steel to fit - (I got a 2' x 3' at Home Depot for $10.00, so I have plenty left over for another project)
Sandpaper - (I used 220 grit)
Spraypaint, color of your choice
Minwax, stain of your choice
Old rags
Clear gloss 

Ever since I discovered primer, I don't do a whole lot of sanding on projects like this.  I did however spend about 2 minutes sanding the gloss coating off of my $1.50 frame. 
I then sprayed a nice coat of primer on.
Then the color of my choice, which happened to be Krylon's "Ivory" in satin.
 I then got my little piece of 220 grit sandpaper back out, and just randomly sanded some spots.
 Next I got an old Miley Cyrus shirt out of my dresser drawer (what on earth was I doing with a Miley Cyrus shirt??), and cut it up.  I dipped one of the pieces of shirt into the Minwax and covered one side, then got another clean piece and randomly wiped it off, leaving some stain heavier in some spots, and some not so much.  Even though I didn't get my rag damp, it's a good idea - it will wipe the stain off easier.  There really is no right or wrong way to do this, it's all about how much stain, and the 'aged look' that you are trying to achieve.  (Sorry, forgot to take a pic of this process.  Maybe it was the 110 degree weather that fried my forgetful brain?)

Almost done.  Had hubby cut my piece of steel (you have to be REALLY careful when cutting galvanized steel, it is super sharp and you may wind up losing a digit or two).  I saved the glass from the frame in case I found a frame that didn't have one. Glass is gone, steel is put in. You could glue the frame in, but I didn't.  You could also get adhesive spray to spray on the steel and glue fabric on, to make your frame even spiffier.  I chose not to, because I use a gallon of hairspray a day, and didn't want my fabric getting sticky.
 Ta-da.!  It went from an ugly 80's looking oak frame, to this old fashioned looking keeper.  I added a few rosettes that I whipped up, also put a saying with a magnet that we made (these are really to die for - just think Martha Stewart glitter), and I now have that much needed space for my Ulta purchases.  Just add magnets on the back (I used a high temp glue gun) of your items, and they stay with no problem.
A close up of the rosettes and the sides. 
Items used.
Easy and inexpensive, just the way we like it..!


  1. I really love this idea!!! Great job mom!!!

  2. Thank you daughter.!